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Self-portrait of Earþ

Ðere's a sadness here
Everyþing is torn apart
I can't see a way

What's wiþ all ðe weird letters?

I'm glad you asked! eth (Ð/ð) and thorn (Þ/þ) were formerly characters in the english alphabet. The letters fell out of use with the introductin of the gutenburg printing press. Since the first presses and typesets were sourced from Germany there were no eth and thorn characters available. This led to the letters being replaced with 'y' and eventually 'th'. This is why 'ye olde' is a thing! 'The' was originally spelled with a thorn, which got replaced with the letter y before the two letter combination 'th' was settled on.

'Why are you using both eth and thorn?' I hear you ask. Well that's a great question too! eth and thorn were both used in olde english interchangeably for both the voiced and voiceless dental fricative. Eventually the use of eth fell out of favor and only thorn remained. I think we should revive both characters! and use them for their proper pronounciation this time. That's why I use eth for voiced dental fricatives and thorn for the voiceless counterpart.

Confused? Don't worry. At first I was too. An easy trick to figure out which to use is to first replace 'th' with either 'f' or 'd'. If the word sounds more correct with 'f' then you should use thorn (example: think -> fink -> þink). If the word sounds more correct with 'd' then use eth (example: this -> dis -> ðis). See? Easy!

(Note this section was written without my normal use of eth and thorn for clarity of reading)

What we is there to me?

I am the we is am is she
what we is am I be
through placid seas and over trees
that is what I am to be

Where green moon lies
and pale moon flies
that is what I see

borrow blood from me
and give it all to thee
that is what I aim to see

railroads pale roads cross forevermore
where down on doorsteps trod the floor
I am is we what am I be
that is what thee am is me.

what borrows fates from apples gates
and blood runs dry like rivers
the machine is oiled for all to see
and run into the ground must we

for mahines may try and we may die
but long must our forgives must lie
I want to see what there is for me
and then will I be lie

when will the stars reflect our failure
to ease the pain of this earth
I pray to god that the machine may live
so something long exists

this humble rock in a sea of stars
is gone forevermore
for we long got what was our thought
and be for long we are

this type goes on and on and on
where only words can be afeared
what's with these thoughts
and with this head
that comes up with such awful

I write and write and write and write
until the thoughts are gone.
sleep eludes until the dawn and then it stays away
I'm gone gone gone and then im here
where is here but here

theres blood on my hands
and in my shirt
and all over my face

I've killed the world
with these few thoughts
and face my soul to rest.

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